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Founded in 1986, The Stahura-Brenner Group provides information technology consulting services as well as a suite of broker/adapter products that enable systems that do not interoperate to find a common ground to exchange information.

Consulting services include: creation of formal RFP request or response packages; development of system interoperability design and documentation; implementation of interoperability solutions including the development of custom adapters; creation of either tablet application or traditional website front-ends to existing systems; as well as project management and oversight needed to ensure the projects stay on time and on track.

SBG introduced the SBG Broker/Adapter product suite in 1992.  Since then, the SBG Broker/Adapter products have successfully interfaced to IBM, Amdahl, DEC, TANDEM, UNISYS, UNIX®, Linux, and Microsoft® platforms.  We have successfully front-ended these systems with MQ Series®, MSMQ, Web Services, HTTP and other client-specific custom protocols.

The organizations that use our Products and Services include:

·      Central Station Alarm Association

·      U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)

·      Massachusetts Department of Criminal Justice Information Services

·      New York State Police

·      Nlets (The International Justice & Public Safety Network)

·      Wells Fargo Dealer Services

·      A sizeable health care insurance company






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The Stahura-Brenner Group (SBG)